We are pleased to confirm that your time spent during your ‘VetSwapping’ can be put towards CPD. For veterinary boards in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia this comes under unstructured development and the guidelines can be found on the website of the board you are registered under.

The links to this information can be found on our useful links page.

CPD allocation is on a case-by-case basis but below is an example guideline from the Veterinary Practitioners Board of Victoria – unstructured development 13.7.1.C

 Internal or In-house Training and Instruction from Professional Colleagues and Specialists

‘The training that more experienced veterinary practitioners offer to other veterinary practitioners; for example, specialists in a particular field. This training need not necessarily be for the purposes of acquiring a higher qualification and may be for self development only. However, where utilised as part of the CPD requirement, it should be fully documented’